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Stay tuned for our second season, when I talk about all things writing with a new guest host every week! Whether its writing a steamy love scene, or what we do when we hit the dreaded wall. No topic is off limits. Stayed tuned for an exciting season!

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Writing a Memoir:

With Lorrin Patterson Sharing your truth is a huge leap of faith. Can you relate to facing the daily challenge of fighting depression, and the struggle of finding your voice? Disclaimer: this conversation was a bit all over the place on my part. I had a lot going on that day, working on multiple projects…

3 Tips on Connection Marketing:

Social media can be scary to navigate, and inadvertently saying the wrong thing can end badly and be forever imprinted into history. As someone who constantly says the wrong “something” at the worst moments—I really can’t stress enough how much this doesn’t help my anxiety in today’s cancel culture. Haha

Lets Talk about Sex and Perspective:

Perspective and sex is a subject that can get a little uncomfortable. Still, I feel it is essential to talk about it, especially in today’s social climate. Click the link to listen now!

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Desi Stevens

A creative writer and academic with a taste for history fueling her over active imagination. She took the plunge in 2019 and started writing full time and the rest is, well…history. You can follow Desi on Twitter @Skeezix_Ke6tco, and find her work on Medium, and Th3 Record.

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