Lets Talk about Sex and Perspective:

with Holly Hughes

Holly is an author and intuitive healer who infuses her unique personal style, intuitive gifts, and personal healing stories to guide clients through a step-by-step process to help them claim their voice, passions, and self-worth. Her book REAL, NOT PERFECT How To Become Your Happy, Authentic Self will help you to stop hiding behind people’s expectations and discover the version of you, you want to be.

You can get your copy of Real, not Perfect on amazon and Kindle unlimited, or you can purchase directly from her website. Buy Here!

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Today we are talking about writing outside one’s perspective and writing sex scenes with intuitive Holly Hughes.

Sex scenes are a touchy subject (pun intended), especially when it comes to young adult literature. How much is too much — where do you, comfortably, draw the line? I think that line is different for a lot of people. As with most things, what appeals to one person, doesn’t necessarily appeal to the next.

Perspective and sex is a subject that can get a little uncomfortable. Still, I feel it is essential to talk about it, especially in today’s social climate. Writing outside of your perspective and maybe even your comfort zone requires a lot of research. Making believable characters that can stand out independently is what makes or breaks a story. It also brings up the question of intent — why are you including a particular character type in your work? Where do you draw the line between being inclusive, bringing awareness to an under-discussed point of view, and perpetuating a stereotype? I think most can agree a writer needs to think about these things when writing outside of one’s own world experiences and ideas. 

I wish I had had a few more people involved in the conversation. It would have been better to hear from representatives from the black community and the trans community. I honestly didn’t expect our discussion to go the direction it went. However, both communities have been on my mind lately, and I feel this is a crucial subject to discuss in life and writing. I would definitely like to revisit this topic in the future to include a voice from both. 

If anyone listing would like to participate in a roundtable discussion on underrepresented perspectives in literature, for a future episode you can visit Th3record, or you can connect with me on Facebook and twitter @4th3record.

As always thanks for your continued support. Hope to see you back next week!



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