Writing a Memoir:

With Lorrin Patterson

Sharing your truth is a huge leap of faith. Can you relate to facing the daily challenge of fighting depression, and the struggle of finding your voice?

Disclaimer: this conversation was a bit all over the place on my part. I had a lot going on that day, working on multiple projects for different classes. To the point where I was having trouble slowing my brain down enough to form complete thoughts and sentences. But fortunately, Lorrine was very patient with me and we definitely had a good laugh about my struggle with coherently articulating complete sentences.  (Not to mention losing my note sheet for our chat. Oops…) If you have been following my journey, this is a perfect example of why I prefer written communication over verbal. At the very least I hope it is entertaining for you all.

Listen now!

In today’s episode, I talk with Lorrine Patterson author of Freeing Your Heart For Love about what it takes to write a memoir, the personal struggle of facing a complicated past, and finding courage, and strength through connecting with her spirituality. 

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Lorrine Patterson was born in Guam but never got to experience that version of island life. Her family moved to Oahu, Hawaii, when she was only a few months old, and they stayed there until Lorrine turned 12. After watching her parents divorce, she moved to California with her mother. These experiences during her formative years helped create a lasting sense of wonder combined with a curiosity for the world around her. 

Lorrine earned her BS in Business Management and an MBA from the University of Phoenix. She has worked in the hotel industry, property management, and facilities management and specializes in customer service. Passionate about all she does, Lorrine stewed over the idea of writing a book for the better part of a decade. It wasn’t until the realities of pandemic life in 2020 took hold that she decided it was finally time to put pen to paper. Lorrine finally discovered her true passion and purpose in life through the suffering and troubling times, bringing some goodness to a world in need. 

Her first book, Freeing Your Heart For Love, is a memoir. Lorrine is a simple woman who believes everything happens for a reason. Even if we aren’t meant to understand the reason right away. Armed with this theory, she approaches each new day with contagious enthusiasm. 

When she is not nestled into her favorite couch writing, Lorrine enjoys spending quality time with her family. She met the love of her life in 2017 and has never been happier. She loves quiet days at the beach and listening to her three grandchildren splash and play with the innocence only youth provides. 

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To learn more about Lorrine or her writing, you can follow her Instagram and Facebook or search @writingismykismit. You can also find her on Twitter or by searching @lpismykismet.


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