3 Tips on Connection Marketing:

with Kathryn Thompson

In case you are new to my journey, I am currently at an “in-between” stage of working on my debut novel (I’m currently getting it ready for the first round of professional editing.) going back to school to advance my skill in the creative craft, trying out different writing styles, producing a podcast, and raising a family.(Yes, it is as complicated, and exhausting as it sounds. Haha.) For those of you returning, welcome back!

Social media can be scary to navigate, and inadvertently saying the wrong thing can end badly and be forever imprinted into history. As someone who constantly says the wrong “something” at the worst moments—I really can’t stress enough how much this doesn’t help my anxiety in today’s cancel culture. Haha

Fortunately, Kathryn was more than willing to sit down and let me pick her brain on the best strategies for marketing your writing, and yourself, to your target audience.

Kathryn Thompson is a Canadian-based entrepreneur with more than 15 years of marketing and communications experience. She’s been featured in Yahoo Finance, New York Weekly, and Entrepreneur as a top entrepreneur. Kathryn is the founder of Creatively Owned, a marketing and communications firm that helps entrepreneurs use the power of words to create instant appeal for what they sell. 

You can learn more at Creatively Owned, or connect with Kathryn on Facebook and Instagram.

Click the link to listen below to listen to Season 2 Episode 02 of The Writers Corner now!

Here are 3 main takeaways from our Chat:

  • First, don’t be afraid to express yourself.

 Of course, not everyone will like what you have to say and that’s okay; as long as you are staying true to your message, the rest will fall into place. As with anything, it is about being respectful and mindful of the audience your messages are reaching. Along with having the self-awareness to understand no one is perfect and to use every mistake as a stepping stone to change and growth.

  • Next, don’t be afraid to ask for help. 

Delegating has been my biggest struggle. There is only so much one person can do, and frankly, it can get overwhelming sometimes, I’m not going to lie. I often wonder If I am the only one who feels like they can’t handle the pressure. (But then I remember how big the world is, and it puts things into perspective for me.) 

Stress is pretty standard. It’s all about how you channel it. So if you want to be successful, you need to get to work on building your team. If you don’t have the cash to hire professionals, hit up your writing buddies, visit writing forums, start networking. The sooner you get on it, the better!

(Speaking of which I am currently in the market for help managing my twitter and setting up a Pinterest, if anyone is looking to pick-up a side gig.)

  • Finally, feedback is essential, without it your work can’t evolve and grow. 

Unfortunately, as with everything, not all feedback is constructive. You have to learn to listen to constructive feedback and ignore the rest. Feedback should be encouraging, not crushing. Everyone starts somewhere. As with any skill, it takes time to hone and master your voice. Look for feedback from people who understand your vision and want to help you refine it, not tear it apart. 

So far in my journey,  I have found a nice balance between experimenting and faking it till, hopefully, I make it. My chat with Kathryn has given me a better handle on how to market myself and my work. I am praying it will help build my audience and get my creations into the hands of readers. Where is everyone else in their personal journey? Anyone else just sort of plugging along, feeling their way in the dark? Or is it just me? Lol! 

Thank you so much for stopping in, and as always, thanks for the support! Hope to see you back here next week!


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